Our team

Service spirit and devotion with our key employees


Håkan Klarin


In a small organization, close cooperation and close proximity to the business are required. The role of CEO is therefore varied and challenging and more like a mentor and guiding star. Ensures that everyone works in the same direction, with the same empathy and passion, but also find new markets, solutions and ensure that our systems and products will also work forward in time.


Jörgen Wennman


Perhaps the most important role in our company. Ensures that our technology works properly and implements new features that our users need in their development. At the same time in a small company be able to meet customers and help develop the company in a sustainable direction.


Joakim Rosenqvist

Technician  +46 (0)70 648 20 95

Our ambitious and skilled technician ensures that the technology works in the field and does everything from mounting new modules to measuring alarm errors, moisture and leaks. Joakim has Mälardalen as the primary work area. Dedicated and meticulous with a versatile toolbox, he solves most tasks.

Sebastian Wincent

Technician  +46 (0)70 648 20 87

Our indoor technician who is the cog in the office. Sebastian fixes programming of new modules, ensures that a broken module gets the right treatment and supports our customers.

Sebastian keeps track of the systems and is usually available if you have questions and thoughts about our systems or products.