How to surveillance old pipes without alarm wires!

Publicerad Tuesday, August 22, 2017 21:11

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PG Monitoring System AB, together with Arne Jensen AB, has developed a new module in the same spirit and quality as the previously popular series microPG and miniPG.

The difference with the new module sm-basicPG is that it listens to leakage noise instead of measuring on the alarm wires. It keeps track of old facilities where there are no wires or broken ones! The technique is well proven and shows in the map where the highest leakage noise exists.


How does it work?


Now the world's first monitoring system is being launched to simultaneously surveillance the pipes in district heating networks with this leakage technology. The modules search for leak sounds and present values in a map image (PGWEB), which can then be judged based on the size of the leakage noise.

Behind the technology lies more than 30 years of experience gathered in algorithms that handle the sound collection. This revolutionary news is hugely demanded even before the system has been launched on the official market. All old culvert and pipes without alarm wires can now be monitored in a simple and easy way. This, of course, will not replace the wires that are superior to locating the fault in very small deviations, but being able to quickly find and understand in what area or between which chambers your leaks

occurs. This will be of great benefit to the operating staff and alarm technicians.


The Sound card from Arne Jensen AB


 The JAL card is a unique product for the collection of acoustic signals for post-processing and analysis. For this, an unaffected collection and transmission of the acoustic signal is required.

The JAL card consists of two parts, microphones that capture and send the sound to an amplifier that packs and prepares the acoustic signal for direct processing and analysis. Thereafter, the sm-basicPG module sends the information further with GPRS.

The microphones used are designed to capture sound naturally. The design are unique and patented. The combination of amplifier microphone provides a unique opportunity to collect signals and for clean monitoring or advanced state monitoring, status control.

Algorithms developed for more than 30 years will analyse and look for typical leakage sounds and amplify the noise found in the pipes while surrounding disturbances are effectively filtered off. This is because the analysis should contain sounds that are interesting and that noise from, for example, traffic and pumps will not be affected to a greater extent. This noise would, if it were not taken into account, give rise to gross misinterpretations.

The simplicity of the result, either analysed on the spot by the module as an alarm or forwarded to the PGweb cloud service for analysis, is the unique part of the product from Arne Jensen AB. A straight-line audio signal that can be clearly analysed in PGweb with its trend features and alarm setting capabilities.

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