We have built a small computer room that is air conditioned and monitored around the clock. All servers have UPS uninterruptible power supply and can handle short power outages without disruption. Will not power back within minutes, we will initiate a safe shutdown of the servers.

We have with this service moved into a new dimension of support. We will increase accessibility and, above all, we can help customers quickly and conveniently without having to book flights times and or get a pass or keys. We can help when problems arise!

We also have an opportunity to update and manage virus protection and backup your system on a simple and effective way. Coordination with having many customers in one place allows us to offer this service at a very affordable price!

Access to applications will also be easier than if the customer's IT would build a solution that works easily both inside and outside the workplace. For example, to easily access their site from home and from on-call computer when you are on emergency jobs. There are important arguments, we think.
* The picture is't from our room for safty reasons...

PG Monitoring System AB

Main office
Industrivägen 22
901 30 Umeå
Tel. +46 90-3493310

Branch office

Postadress 81
Postnummer Övik
Tel. xxx- xxxxx


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