miniPG multi

The big brother of microPG. The Pipeguard module miniPG multi is a new monitoring and measuring device for use in district heating network with a number of unique features. It has very high sensitivity for the early detection of leaking water media with low conductivity.

It has the same method of measurement microPG but can measure the four tubes instead of two. It also has a new feature called Dual SIM which means you can use two independent mobile operators if they have places that have poor coverage and weak network.
It can handle alarms and send text messages, configured remotely, delivering data to the SQL server, configured in SCADA or web systems and be read by Excel. (For Excel OPC readings must be installed.)
The alarm module can handle up to 8 km in the alarm wire in four channels. Can also be equipped with a protective GEL on the circuit board for increased resistance to moisture ingress into the enclosure.

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