A modern tool for early detection of leaks in prefabricated district heating pipes. Pipeguard module microPG is a new monitoring and measurement unit for use in district heating network with a number of unique features. It has very high sensitivity to early detect leaking water media with low conductivity.
Through a special method of measurement, measurement of the resistive part of impedance (AC resistance) between the alarm wire of copper and the steel tubes, does not affect the length of the guarded heating wire section on sensitivity.

In this way, this made high capacitance without affecting the reading. This means that a certain amount of moisture / water gives the same readings regardless of the section length.

It can handle alarms and sending text messages, remotely configure, deliver data to SQL server, configured in SCADA systems as well as read by Excel. (For Excel OPC readings must be installed.)

Not bad for an alarm module that can handle up to 8 km alarm wire in two channels.

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