Pipeguard Web System

Pipeguard Web System is the tool that your staff uses to see what's going on in your plant. We have developed a solution that is entirely web based and where all our experience from previous systems and our customers' requests are collected in a brand new system that is transparent and user friendly. The structure is simple, transparent and easy to work in, even if you do not have computer skills.
The graphics are clear even in daylight and on smaller devices like phones and tablets. The technology platform we chose to build on HTML5, which is modern and can adapt to any device that logs on. We felt that an app would limit both us and our customers so much that the whole idea of ​​easy access would be lost. With our choice, it does not matter what you are behind the computer, mobile or tablet, so it looks similar, works equally and can be accessed from wherever you are in the world. We may still share information and bring in third-party products through drivers such as OPC, ODBC, SQL, etc., and that the software is constantly being upgraded when browsers come with new versions. Customers simply log on their facility and make all settings and changes online.
Our application called Pipeguard Web Systems and is fifth generation in our kulvertlarms application. The system is of course backwards compatible and can read all our previous module types!

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