MT-713 GPRS Battery Module in the MT family has a new module that is suitable for larger projects where you want to collect basic alarms and analog values such as temperature. The module is battery powered and in optimal cases, the batteries have a lifespan of 5-10 years and possibly longer. The battery life depends on some external factors such as how often the module is sending data, the GSM network coverage in the area, the GSM operator's GPRS capabilities etc etc.

  • Battery life = 5-10yrs
  • 5 binary inputs / counters
  • 3 analog inputs 0-5 V, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. Logger function to SQL-databas.
  • Temperature sensor accessories, our own tempsensor designed for district heating pipes.
  • IP 67/68 box
  • Dew point alarm on the circuit board ensures dry and long life of the electronics in the box.
  • Open box alarm, tamper alarm
  • Built-in temp sensor in the box.

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