Measurement is seen as more and more obvious in the larger companies and SMEs are expected to follow the great in the future. Larger and larger demand for measurements on cooling, both within and outside Sweden's borders means that we are seeing increased sales in the area the next few years. During 2009 and 2010 we also developed some new products while continuing operations expanded at a furious pace.

New module microPG expected to be a big seller at the trade fair district of Engineering was well received by industry. Although the new pulsPG module consisting of a proprietary Gateway and measuring modules purchased from Stateview we believe will be a strong product primarily abroad. Mainly Middle East and Canada in connection with cooling applications and Oil and Gas Pipelines.

We also have in 2009/2010 developed a new generation of System Pipe Guard, version 4.0, which will simplify and improve the monitoring by new smart features. In view of the Beta version on the heating system was fair number of accolades from the energy company's representatives and also by non-residents to visit. Interest in the company's products and monitoring systems are large in terms of measuring and alarm devices Pipeguard in PG1104, microPG and pulsPG, which detects moisture in the grid, and the wireless and battery-powered device MT703 and new MT713, which sends the water in the chamber and wells. We also expect increased sales abroad among others, Canada, Middle East and USA. Last year, we have increased cooperation with Stateview AB and Mittel Fjärrvärme AB, primarily in North America where we intend to try to work together in Canada. Mittel has customers in several countries such as Korea, Norway, and Amman and the need for an alarm system grows with the number of new plants.

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