PG Monitoring System AB

The company's operations started April 20, 2006 by spinning off the product Pipeguard PG1004 from Stateview AB to the new standalone company PG Monitoring System AB. At the same time were also ongoing business, the part that covers the system for monitoring of moisture and water damage in the district heating network. The previous close cooperation with Umeå El & VVS Automatik AB was made permanent through participation in PG Monitoring System AB.

During the more than four years the company has served major orders were received from, among others, Fortum Heat in Stockholm, Capital of Sweden with 2 million citizens, Gävle Energi respectively, Karlskoga Energi and Vattenfall Heat in Uppsala and Drefviken, Göteborg Energi in Gothenburg, Telge Networks AB, Mälarenergi in Vasteras, Övik Energy and a range of test facilities.

The expansion of surveillance systems at Umeå Energi respectively Sundsvall Energi continues as the two earliest and most developed cities. The infrastructure and the wide spread of modules in a city often result in very long contracture time for a surveillance system, several years is common. The modules we use are themselves very easy to mount in the field, the problems are mostly keys to different houses and a good place to fit the module and of course to make alarm printings of the alarm wires if they are missing.

PG Monitoring System AB

Main office
Industrivägen 22
901 30 Umeå
Tel. +46 90-3493310

Branch office

Postadress 81
Postnummer Övik
Tel. xxx- xxxxx


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